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We design and deliver IT projects for enterprise innovators. Any size. End-to-end.

We help companies grow their revenues. We bring new tools and technology to solve new challenges of the increasingly digital world. Our consultants lead you through new possibilities and our delivery teams deliver the result.

Increasing Focus on Customers

We help our clients to save costs, increase productivity and compliance, decrease risk and improve environmental impacts. We cover it all: from analyzing how the company works to deliver solutions with measurable impacts.

Automation & Productivity​

Technology is close to our hearts. Whatever we do, we base it on technology. We like complex, state-of-art, nontrivial technologies. And we are always the first to learn the latest technology and apply it right to solve your needs.

We think across various fields

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Data & Analytics

Data warehouse for LINET Group

For Linet Group we built a data warehouse and financial and sales reporting on top of it, unifying the disparate systems of seventeen companies. This gives the Group a holistic view of its activities and results.

Case study

Microsoft Power Platform in ČSOB

Within ten weeks, we ensured the adoption of the Microsoft Power Platform in ČSOB bank, including education in its proper use. This provided the bank with new opportunities to create applications without the risk of shadow IT and avoid potential data leaks.

Case study


Trask AML

A tool that can help you prevent money laundering with an independent external, internal, sanctions or blacklist management solution and a complete user interface for investigating suspicious cases.


BAAPI is a platform for aggregating banking APIs. Today it aggregates data for 10 clients and is involved in business-critical processes and automated processing. Easy implementation, data normalization, and cloud-native architecture make it possible to use PSD2, BankID, or Transaction Analytics.

Trask ZenID

ZenID offers the widest range of solutions for automated client identification, automatic extraction and processing of personal data, document authentication, and face verification. It can verify a wide range of personal documents and detect fraud attempts more effectively than a human.

Trask uSign

Trask uSign is a module that allows you to sign documents biometrically using a PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Documents ready for signature are available anytime and anywhere. We can automate the process of preparing documents for signing by connecting them with other systems and their final storage in the required locations.

Trask KYC

Trask KYC is a simple, fast, and inexpensive way to verify the identity of an unknown customer in accordance with the law during online onboarding. And it does this at the moment the customer is interested - for example, in online shops, on websites, or via mobile apps.

Trask eDoceo

A portal platform that can be tailored to meet the needs of management and training activities, whether it's providing product training or personal development for employees. The platform also opens up possibilities for content distribution, digitalization, or automation of business network competence development processes.

Trask Semantic Tool

A tool that uses NLP technology to understand unstructured data in natural language and thus the essence of a document. The software robots then search for the correct information themselves and convert it into a document that is sent back to the interviewer.

Trask Signing Platform

Trask Signing Platform enables electronic signing and consenting in one modular plug & play platform. The solution provides easy integration with your systems using predefined APIs, as well as the ability to choose many ways to perform the act of signing.

Trask Virtual Case

A tool that enables the creation of a secure GDPR-compliant space where customers can communicate with a bank or other institution, exchange documents and even sign them. It also serves as a document repository, guiding the customer through the entire process, automatically recognizing the inserted documents, and generating documents for signature based on the extracted data without the need for lengthy manual filling.