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Customer expectations have changed irreversibly in the past 2 years. Banks are at the core of the servicing divergence and need to focus on the shape of things to come

Customers demand more accountability and relevance. Utilizing the rich data pools at the banks is the key to driving personalized interactions and offering tailored services/products

Sales and services shifted towards digital and self-service. Technology-enabled hyper-automation solutions bring higher customer satisfaction and free-up internal resources from mundane tasks to the value-added effort, ideally with a focus on digital to further grow the banking business.

Revenue streams are shifting from traditional Balance sheet sources towards Fee-based services. Embedded finance API-based business models supported by strong partnerships and agile IT infrastructure enable banks to deliver added value to their clients in the digital world.

Top performing banks who succeed with pushing hyper-automation forward achieve 2-3x higher employee performance with more than 40% of them focusing on digital verticals.

70% of all online payments in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are being processed thanks to our experts.

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From IT support and operations to designing complex solutions that drive innovation

Česká spořitelna

We helped Česká spořitelna to become the first in the Czech market to have a fully online loan service, enabling them to achieve time-to-money within 15mins even for non-clients.


We introduced the first completely online loan on the Hungarian market, successfully navigating the different regulatory environment and deploying the solution within 6 months.


Digitization of the agenda related to annual tax filing through our Tax Assistant application resulting in avoiding approximately 80% of manual work and freeing up the internal resources for additional value-added tasks.


We delivered one of the first multi-banking systems in the Czech Republic for ČSOB.

UniCredit bank

We helped the bank go through a major transformation into a paperless institution.

Trask is our long-term partner with whom we have developed a number of innovative solutions. Our banking motto is definitely true for Trask as well: together we are stronger.

Tomáš Salomon
CEO, Česká spořitelna

Consulting, analysis, development, and management. We provide clients with all they need.

Digital Identity & Digital Signatures

We enable innovative ways of working with digital identity and signatures. Ensuring secure creation, authentication, long-term management, and use of digital identities for customers, employees, and facilities. We use our own products Trask ZenID, Trask uSign and are certified BankID partners in CZ.

Digital Channels & Digital Products

We help you enhance your existing digital channels’ performance through state-of-the-art UX/CX applications linking customer needs with seamless optichannel processes and strong customer propositions. We tailor new products and service ideas and bring them to life, making sure you can be the leader in strategically important ideas for every enterprise.

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Automation & Process Digitization

We model your current operations, design new automated processes, and deliver and manage them across digital channels, F/O, and B/O. We reduce your costs and free up resources for value-added work, increase productivity and scalability, speedup process execution and increase customer satisfaction.

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We provide a wide range of services in the implementation, customization, and integration of CRM solutions like Salesforce, plus linked tools for driving next-level lead management in real time. We make sure you target the customers with highly relevant offers while balancing the strategic priorities and goals of your sales departments.

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Enabling democratized IT

We help you to give anyone in your organization the power to create digital solutions and bring new services for your customer and drive their satisfaction. We set up low-code and no-code platforms and train the users to enable rapid development by business teams. Plus, we help you to establish strong governance to keep your enterprise standards.

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We make your enterprise resilient and secure. We design security architectures and help with governance and audits, outsource security operations and incident response, and provide vulnerability management, penetration testing, and social engineering. We build solutions for access and identity control and management.

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Risk, AML, KYC

We offer complete solutions to cover the needs of money laundering prevention according to applicable legislation, including tools for the definition of detection scenarios, management of external or internal sanction or blacklist lists, and a complete user interface for follow-up investigations of suspicious cases.

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We implement modern and innovative payment methods and transform your payment operations. We cover infrastructure, application architecture and integration, payment processes, certification and testing, security, and transaction analytics. We help you ramp up new revenue sources from embedding your payments solution to 3rd party services.

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AI & Data

We provide financial institutions with powerful insights from any data and any process that help organizations run faster and more efficiently. We build up state-of-the-art Machine learning models for detecting customer churn, optimizing your marketing performance, and advanced risk models. We have our own NLP framework supported by our Trask ZenID solution for extracting key data from documents, enabling you the automated many additional manual tasks, incl. mortgage assessment, and origination.

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We accelerate your cloud adoption. From cloud strategy and design, through migration to cloud all the way to cloud-native development and managing hybrid and multi-cloud operations including the establishment of multi-cloud platforms.

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