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Everyone wants to go digital. But only a few people know how. What needs to be addressed today?

Seamless and simple online onboarding.

Active usage of digital identity and digital signatures.

A flexible and modular IT architecture for the entire organization.

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We build long-term digital solutions for leading financial services, insurance, energy, and automotive companies.

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IT solutions that create lasting business value


The first fully online consumer loan for non-clients in the CEE market delivered money to customer accounts in 15 minutes. Previously claimed as regulatory impossible, we designed the online loan from scratch and ensured its compliance through innovative technology.


In 2018, we created a digital sales platform for UniCredit bank that allows it to offer products through APIs and third-party financial advisors without the bank's assistance.


Kooperativa and ČPP, together the largest insurers in CZ asked Trask to build a new digital channel, the customer self-care zone as well as to set up a new architecture that turns the company IT ecosystem from a batch-based legacy to a real-time and omnichannel future.


Trask's platform runs the Raiffeisenbank public web for more than 10 years. The reusable design system proved successful in reducing costs of two complete UI redesigns already while the feature-rich digital platform brings contemporary UX features.

Areas in which you can rely on us

Digital Identity & Digital Signatures

We secure and technically operate digital identities with innovative technologies.

Digitization of products

In order to successfully establish and maintain customer relationships online, classic paper products need to be tailored to the digital world. It's not just a different framework of legislation and regulation that sets the rules for online services, but also the products themselves in close connection with the digital channel. An effective way to meet regulation lies in the clever use of modern digital tools (OCR, NLP, AI, 3rd party services, etc.) as well as in the creative design of our own processes. To be able to meet business objectives, digital products need to be tuned for the target channel and segment.

Digital channel optimization

If you already have products digitized and available via online channels, it may still be possible that they don't meet the expected goals or their effectiveness quickly diminishes over time. In online business, the product is never finished and the release is just the beginning. We can help you with performance analysis of your online channels, designing their optimization and business aspects in the context of the whole organization, and implementing the proposed modifications.

Transforming Legacy to Digital​

Technological transformation is an integral part of digitalization. Existing systems do not allow efficient reuse of existing services, they often do not work in real-time and, for historical reasons, each channel lives in its own separate universe. The solution is to build a Digital Business Platform that accelerates the creation of new channels through a common CMS with a design system, omnichannel processes available to the entire organization, and easy integration through an API gateway. In addition, we can help you refresh or rewrite core systems to meet contemporary requirements.

Customer satisfaction

We drive communication in digital product/service design along the business-customer-technology axis.

Our products for digital business

Trask ZenID​

ZenID offers the widest range of solutions for automated client identification, automatic extraction and processing of personal data, document authentication, and face verification. It can verify a wide range of personal documents and detect fraud attempts more effectively than a human.

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Trask uSign​

Trask uSign is a module that allows you to sign documents biometrically by using a PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Documents ready for signature are available anytime and anywhere. We can automate the process of preparing documents for signing by connecting them with other systems and their final storage in the required locations.

Trask KYC (Know Your Customer)

Trask KYC is a simple, fast, and inexpensive way to verify the identity of an unknown customer in accordance with the law during online onboarding. And it does this at the moment the customer is interested - for example, in online shops, on websites, or via mobile apps.

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