Technology is a massive game-changer for insurers.

The insurance market may seem conservative. But compared to other segments, there is far more greater growth in technology.

Technology is necessary to be leveraged in the internal IT landscape as well as in interaction with the customer.

Insurance companies are undergoing an IT revolution today. This enables them to establish an agile IT infrastructure, streamline in-house processes, and shift their value to the digital world.

Trask is a trusted partner for the end-to-end transformation of insurance providers, with a broad scope of experts spanning from IT infrastructure to skilled business consultants.

Insurance companies which invest more heavily and purposefully in IT achieve higher growth and performance

We are transforming Kooperativa into a 100% digital insurance company

IT solutions that bring new opportunities to business

Vienna Insurance Group

New self-care zone for clients with the complete integration platform.


Two native mobile applications designed for claims adjusters and vehicle repair shops.


Replacement of the existing system for arranging car insurance – delivery of BE services, product catalog, business/functional analysis, and testing.

As we look towards the future, we understand the great opportunities in the online world. In order to pursue them, it's simply not enough to be prepared internally or externally, particularly in the link between the internal environment of the insurance company and the world outside.

In addition to integration technologies, the collaboration with Trask gives us an actionable basis for reflecting on exactly which technologies make sense for which business needs in terms of their cost and future potential.

Eva Poláchová
Member of the Board of Directors, Kooperativa

Where you can count on us:

Digital platforms

We are creating new digital platforms. All the systems that power your digital and physical channels as well as your digital and traditional products. We can help you transform your legacy systems into state-of-the-art technologies.

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Digital channels

Enhancing the performance of digital channels. Altering them, setting up new technologies, and taking a multi-channel approach. Our work includes building functional public websites, customer zones, digital environments for branches, CC and B/O, analytics, lead acquisition, and management.

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Digital products

From redesign to delivery, we help you digitize your products. We are building new solutions and implementing complex and seamless production processes across multiple systems.

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Digital identity and signatures

We enable innovative ways of working with digital identity and signatures. Ensuring secure creation, authentication, long-term management, and use of digital identities for customers, employees, and facilities.

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Process automation and digitalization

Analyzing, streamlining, digitizing, and automating your business processes through digital channels, F/O, and B/O. We lower your expenses and headcount, boost productivity and scalability, accelerate performance and increase customer satisfaction.

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We democratize IT

We are helping you empower everyone in your organization to collaborate on digital solutions. We align low-code and no-code platforms and teach users how to scale faster across business teams. And at the same time, we create strong oversight for you to maintain your company standards.

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In our guide, you'll learn how to build digital channels in 2022, what underpins the success of client zones, and how they relate to a flexible IT architecture. We'll also give you an insight into the state of onboarding and client zone quality at the largest insurance companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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