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New technologies unlock new potential. Hyperautomation will rapidly boost your business and productivity, cut costs, and make you faster and more efficient. Explore our industry-ready solutions and the way we automate.

Deploying automation solutions since 2003 and dealing with enterprise integrations for over 28 years we know the dos and don’ts of enterprise scale automation.

Our strong data science and AI teams are at the forefront of tech, bringing the leading edge like Large Language Models (LLMs) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to your enterprise business processes.

And you can count on us – need to deliver across multiple departments, technologies, and competency centers? We know how to tie it all together.

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We fully automated 80% of Notary requests, resulting in a saving of 70% in FTE capacity for a major European bank. Integrating data from 15 internal systems using Blue Prism RPA and extracting requested information through NLP, we ensured rapid and accurate response to plain text notary requests. The entire process is seamlessly orchestrated by Camunda BPM. Meet Trask Notary Solution.


In just 6 weeks, we empowered VW with actionable business insights and optimized transport routes using advanced process mining and data science techniques. By visualizing VW's internal logistic processes, we were able to identify anomalies and spotlight inefficiencies. This enabled VW to enhance overall process performance.


We transformed processes for a top European energy provider, saving 30% of FTEs capacity of sales representative. Using Camunda BPM, we unified customer acquisition across channels, integrated biometric signing and ZenID verification, and shifted to a fully digital system achieving notable TTY reduction without any paperwork.


80% of SME client onboarding processes can now be automated by using AI and NLP which reads and understands Foundation Agreements and data from government registries. Trask’s contract-reading AI enables instant onboarding of companies and paves the way for fully digital sales & servicing.


Leveraging process mining we have discovered profitability improvements reducing costs by 20% and leading to remarkable 30% surge in throughput rate for the lending processes of a major European bank. All within just a few weeks.


Over 80% of customer complaints are now automatically categorized at a prominent European bank, thanks to our ML model. By swiftly assigning the right problem-solver, we've enhanced claim processing speed and reduced customer churn, ensuring happier clients.

Make your company more efficient. Low-Code platforms are designed to accelerate the development process, making it easier and faster for developers, including those with limited coding experience, to build and deploy applications.

Trask and its team of IT security experts have been our partner for over 15 years, and I have always been able to rely 100% on their expertise and delivery.

Petr Froňek
Security Manager, ČSOB Stavební spořitelna

Let's automate your business together! See where we can help you.

Process improvement consulting

Think your processes are fully automated? Think again. Continually pushing the automation frontier, we've demonstrated that there's always room for enhancement, especially with the advent of universally accessible, cutting-edge AI. Large enterprises, often burdened with intricate tasks, traditionally view many of them as solely human-centric. This perspective is no longer true. Allow us to introduce advanced technology solutions that will not only refine your processes but also amplify your business outcomes.

Process mining and task mining

In complex business landscape, transparency often takes a backseat, leading to unseen bottlenecks and inefficiencies, costing time and money. Equipped with tools like Celonis, our expertise in process and task mining offers the missing clarity. We extract insights from event logs to craft a precise map of your ongoing processes and beyond just mapping, we identify discrepancies between intended and actual process flows, spotlighting anomalies, outliers, and areas of potential savings. The tangible benefits? Streamlined operations, significant cost reductions, and an elevated customer experience. All thanks to visibility.

E2E process automation delivery

In the realm of end-to-end process automation, our expertise is unparalleled. We're adept at orchestrating complex automations, utilizing platforms like Camunda for process orchestration, UiPath for RPA, and Salesforce for comprehensive CRM solutions. Our approach is cross-functional, bridging departmental, technological, and competency divides. Beyond traditional integrations, our cloud-agnostic capabilities allow us to operate seamlessly across leading platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. With over 28 years in system integration, our consultants leverage these technologies to ensure fluid and integrated operations. Our commitment? Your business - more effective.

Business monitoring & continuous improvement

If you're ahead, you naturally want to stay there. Our partnership extends beyond merely uncovering inefficiencies or deploying state-of-the-art automation solutions. As the business landscape shifts, even the best solutions can become outdated. Leveraging advanced tools like Celonis, we pivot to proactive, real-time monitoring, and performance tracking of your processes and ensure your operations stay agile and responsive. With our vigilant oversight, we're poised to recommend and enact strategies for continuous improvement, keeping you always one step ahead.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Ability to decipher and harness human language is paramount today and NLP sits at the heart of this revolution. We unlock insights hidden in your data, from customer feedback to complex documentation and our solutions seamlessly interpret, analyze, and respond to human language, transforming your user interactions and decision-making processes. Entrust us to empower your business with smarter, more intuitive automation like Trask Notary Automation, bridging the gap between human communication and digital efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Harnessing tools like TensorFlow, GATE, and PyTorch, our engineers are pioneers in unstructured inputs automation. With automated document processing ranging from customer claims to legal documentation or with predictive maintenance like discerning engine faults from auditory cues, we redefine limits. Our capabilities even extend to medical imaging, enabling early cancer detection from screening images. And, with our ongoing explorations of leading LLMs like OpenAI, we ensure that your benefit from the cutting-edge technology tailored for your specific needs.

Process Orchestrators

Using orchestrators such as Camunda, we not only boost workflow efficiency but also create a harmonized link between AI/ML, NLP, OCR, and other advanced tools that drive business growth. We regard orchestrators as strategic bridges, fostering cross-departmental collaboration. They integrate a variety of tasks into a streamlined sequence, automating complex multi-stage operations. While our solutions typically range from Camunda to IBM BAW and Salesforce, we see great demand for Appian coming from the US.


Embracing LC/NC empowers your organization to innovate internally, but the journey starts with the right platform selection. Be it MS Power Platform, Mendix, or OutSystems, our guidance ensures you select and deploy the ideal fit. And while we champion your citizen developers to lead the way, we stand ready to tackle any intricate challenges. Our proficiency extends to creating and establishing Centers of Excellence, ensuring best practices permeate your organization and you can even lean on us as an outsourced Center of Excellence for you.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

While seemingly a staple from yesteryears, RPA is far from diminished. Tools like UiPath, Automation Anywhere or Blue Prism have evolved, serving as a foundational element complementing emerging technologies. Integrating with innovations like AI, NLP, and Low-Code platforms, we get a synergy ensuring that mundane tasks are handled with unmatched efficiency, while more complex challenges are tackled by advanced tools. Let us help you re-envision and maximize your existing RPA solutions, ensuring they remain a robust and adaptable asset.

Document digitalization

By centralizing, categorizing, and streamlining access to documents, we not only save time and reduce physical clutter but also minimize the environmental impact. Coupled with advanced search capabilities and integrations with other intelligent systems, our document solutions ensure that your information is always at your fingertips, secure yet accessible. Transition to more efficient operational mode and experience the transformative power of truly digitalized document flows with tools like Hyland Nuxeo.

Automated AML Solutions

In the world of financial safeguards, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) stands as a critical pillar however traditional AML processes can be stretched thin as transactions grow in complexity and volume. Enter our Automated AML Solutions – where precision meets efficiency. Harnessing the power of AI/ML, NLP, and RPA, we transform your procedures with Trask AML. From intelligent transaction monitoring to automated alert investigations, we ensure rapid, accurate responses while minimizing false positives.

Automated Testing Solutions

As you accelerate digital transformation, ensuring the reliability and robustness of every solution is paramount. With our Automated Testing Solutions we don't just validate the functionality; we guarantee the excellence of every application, process, or system you deploy. By automating test scenarios, we reduce manual intervention, fast-track release cycles, and elevate quality with industry standard tools like Selenium or Katalon. In a landscape where every digital touchpoint matters, trust us to ensure yours operates flawlessly, every single time.

We do not reinvent the wheel

We combine IT with deep expertise in Finance, Insurance, Energy, and Automotive.

We are continuously monitoring changing cyber-attack vectors and know where vulnerabilities can be found in companies. Our expertise doesn't just stop at security, in addition to ensuring maximum security of IT systems and company data, we also have the remit to ensure that business runs smoothly and that all employees are comfortable working in an environment whilst being aware of the risks.

Martin Bareš
Security Consultant


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