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Energy sector faces many changes that need to be addressed now.

New technologies require new approach and increase the level of process automation.

Resource decentralization in the electric power industry requires the exchange and processing of a large amount of data to ensure the stable operation of the distribution system.

The widespread rollout of AMM will bring additional opportunities for the entire  industry to effectively manage energy consumption.

Open data policies bring another dimension of development with new business models using consumption data.

Can you solve them without putting a strain on your systems?

From integrating higher value-added energy systems to deploying next-generation applications, we can help you lead your transformation.

Solutions that save energy and make a difference


We have migrated OpenText Documentum into AWS and thus reduced operating costs. 4 agendas with more than 2100 users.


With BankID, we have simplified the online verification of clients' identities in record time. No paperwork and acceleration of the acquisition process.


Our implemented DB platform EDB PostgreSQL for ČEZ ICT Services Reduced cost of operation more than 50%.

We can help you with the key issues of the industry

Automation & Process Digitization

We discover, optimize, digitize, and automate your business processes across digital channels, F/O, and B/O. We reduce your costs and optimize headcount, increase productivity and scalability, speedup process execution and increase customer satisfaction.

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We design security architectures and help with governance and audits, outsource security operations and incident response, and provide vulnerability management, penetration testing, and social engineering. We build solutions for access and identity control and management.

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We accelerate your cloud adoption. From cloud strategy and design, through migration to cloud all the way to cloud-native development and managing hybrid and multi-cloud operations including the establishment of multi-cloud platforms.

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Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Extending the functionality of asset management systems to ensure proactive maintenance using AI elements.

Analysis of customer behavior and evaluation of prosumers’ impact on the DSO networks based on data mining from smart meters.

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Digital channels

Energy companies were not at the forefront of introducing new tools and channels for communication with their clients. However, the growing number of agendas, the pressure on the speed of processing requests and the complexity of processes lead to a revaluation of communication. Our experience and implemented projects bring a competitive advantage to our customers within implementation of omni-channel communication. Digital communication with clients enables a higher conversion rate, brings the user experience and an environment with the possibility of an individual approach to each case.

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Digital Identity & Digital Signatures

Innovative ways for digital identity and signatures. We cover secure creation, trusted authentication, long-term management, and the use of the digital identity of the customer, employee, or device. We use our own products Trask ZenID or Trask uSign.

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Digital Workplace for Hybrid Workforce

Increasing productivity of your hybrid workforce. We digitize documents (paperless) and processes, provide tools for collaboration and managed training, set up infrastructure, operations, and security for remote work, and provide tools for effective management of BYODs.

Document management

Implementing next-generation Document Management Systems, containerization, and migration to the cloud. Enhancement, support, and operations of DMS.

Low-code and No-code

We help our clients to implement low-code platforms and establish governance for their operations. We focus on the popularization and adoption of these approaches in companies as well as on the technical architecture and integration of the developed solutions.

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Process automatization

Process automation using BPM platforms to accelerate and improve communication with clients.

The higher-level digitization of B2C, B2B, and B2G channels enables our customers to reduce operational costs. Automation of process steps are based on defined rules then speeds up mutual communication and allows companies to focus on activities with higher added value.

Smart house concept / IoT platforms

Integration of home/customer appliances (e.g., heat pump, air conditioning) into a unifying platform enabling remote control, assistance & support, and advanced data analytics providing useful information to clients.

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