We were the 1st to conduct a large-scale global deployment of a cloud-based solution for a large enterprise in Central and Eastern Europe.

We cover the cloud end-to-end. From strategy and planning, through migrations, application re-platforming, and cloud-native development to securing, managing, and optimizing your cloud environments.

We are delivering consultations and projects and supporting your teams with our experts.

We provide whole teams or packaged services with defined scope and SLA for predictable and timely results. From team augmentation to SaaS offerings.

Our experts spent 10 years experimenting with various solutions and approaches, so you don’t have to.

Cloud-based solutions allow organizations to scale, maintain flexibility, and focus their efforts on business operations.


We have improved customer experience and the speed of digital channels by deploying all B2C channels into the cloud. 10 years of continuous delivery and improvements on 5 continents, in 82 countries, for millions of satisfied customers.


We changed ŠKODA IT from on-premises in 2012 to fully cloud-native in 2022. From design and establishment of the Center of excellence through development to operations. 107 applications under support, 3800 managed resources, 5 continents, 82 countries. From global deployments of digital channels to edge deployments in factories.


Our Cloud SWAT team helps application teams start using the cloud in the Česká spořitelna bank. We advise, help to set up the environment, and get the teams ready for cloud.


We got the bank Česká spořitelna ready for the cloud. We were key consultants that helped to create MS Azure cloud infrastructure. We designed and delivered key infrastructure services such as Azure Kubernetes Services and OpenShift platforms. Our Cloud SWAT team helps application teams to start using the cloud.


We migrated the integration platform of the TOP10 world eCommerce company to the cloud. Designed for up to 20.000 messages per second, we now make sure this platform processes correctly 10 million transactions every day.


We moved the bank to the Microsoft 365 cloud. We upgraded to a new version of Office and migrated email. We implemented Skype 4 Business, and SharePoint migrated data and set up governance.

UniCredit bank

By delivering and operating a Digital Sales Platform as Software-as-a-Service we solved the internal-IT prioritization issues and resource limitations and enabled the bank to deploy the solution to the market one year ahead of the original schedule.


We are improving the ČSOB banking voice assistant named Kate. We designed unique monitoring and reporting platform based on AWS data logs. Through Data Analytics we now identify weak spots and continuously recommend Kate design and process adjustments.

Cloud-native platforms are on the rise. While now we see less then 40% adoption of cloud-native services, in a couple of years, new digital initiatives will be over 90% cloud-native.

We know how to make the most of the cloud

Cloud Strategy & Readiness Assessment

We create a systematic and comprehensive cloudification strategy for you. A strategy that will find the sweet spots and benefits of cloud usage. We will conduct applications assessment, clarify motivations and business cases, assess the readiness of the organization (technical teams, processes), and finally perform migration planning. We can cover the entire company or selected areas or just one application.

Cloud Center of Excellence

We can design, help you set up, and then operate the Cloud Center of Excellence. CCoE is a central function to support the consolidated and systematic cloud expertise in the company.

Cloud Project House

We execute the transformation to the cloud. We coordinate and educate all teams, create necessary central functions, oversee migrations, and augment the team’s capacity if required.

Application Migration, Modernization & Re-platforming

We migrate the applications to the cloud with various approaches. From lift & shift to application modernization through the use of cloud-native development (utilization of cloud-native services) by the best-educated experts.

Infrastructure Automation

Applying Infrastructure-as-a-code and designing your CI/CD to automate your infrastructure operations, save costs, increase security, and speed up deployment for large enterprises at the scale.

Cloud-native Development

We design and deliver cloud-native solutions. We will help you get the most out of the cloud by using the best services and tools available in the cloud. Our expert teams can build cloud-native solutions on MS Azure and AWS for you.

As-a-Service Application Delivery

We can speed up the deployment of the solution and save operational costs by offering custom-built solutions in an as-a-service delivery mode. We design the solution, develop it, secure, deploy, integrate, support, and operate the solution for you in our cloud-provided environment for a fixed monthly fee. We are regularly audited by regulators such as Czech National Bank, or Hungarian National Bank to provide significant outsourcing services to our banking, insurance, energy, and automotive clients.

Managed Cloud Services

We offer packaged cloud services under defined SLA and fixed cost: cloud account templates, account management, invoicing, security practices, auditing & monitoring, cost optimization, regulatory compliance, deprecation & service upgrades.

Cost Optimization & FinOps

From SW review (use native services) & accounting (use this specific cloud provider saving plan / reserved / spot) we help you save operational costs.

Progression Enablement

We help to progress you with your cloud usage. We augment the customer’s technology stack, bring awareness, and identify possibilities to benefit the most from your current cloud usage (by using the ecosystem of solutions that are already available and pre-integrated and easy to use in the cloud to augment your current solutions).

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