Digital Identity and Digital Signature

Businesses strive to offer best-in-class CX to convert customers to self-service. How do digital identity & signatures fit into that?

Identity-related functions (strong user authentication, identity proofing, digital identity wallet integrations, or use of digital certificates) are increasingly important not only to simplify the CX but also required from regulatory authorities in B2C, B2B or risk use cases.

Easily accessible but high-assurance digital identities and signatures raise customer confidence and trust and boost their adoption for the broad population towards easy integration to both public and commercial services.

There is no one-size-fits-all. Evaluate the importance of CX across the complete identification and signature process from end to end while considering the mandatory requirements.

We can navigate and solve specifics of every organization and line of business through our extensive know-how and experience, our State of the art products, and technologies, including available customizations.

We keep track of the recent regulatory developments (eIDAS 2, AML), incl. specific judicial decision, and are constantly pushing simplification of electronic signatures forward while keeping the legally binding strength of our solutions unharmed

Cloud-based solutions allow organizations to scale, maintain flexibility, and focus their efforts on business operations.


We have implemented several end-to-end fully automated loan/account origination processes ensuring time-to-money within minutes, even for new-to-bank clients for many CEE financial institutions. Designing new state-of-the-art CX processes along with fully automated identification, credit & AML assessment, and electronic signature helped our clients to move to the next level in customer servicing within their digital channels.


Using our Trask uSign product, we have ensured a fully digitized document signature process plug-in in various enterprise applications resulting in more than 20 million documents being signed digitally. Also, we improved our client’s sustainability by saving hundreds of tons of paper!


Using our Trask zenID, we have implemented a fully automated online identification process for new clients who want to open an account and get other products from the bank for existing clients who got new ID cards and needed to update their data in bank systems.


In T-Mobile, we had to merge two independent identity management systems into one common solution. In this challenging project, we designed common processes and implemented a unified solution for two telecommunications.

Cloud-native platforms are on the rise. While now we see less then 40% adoption of cloud-native services, in a couple of years, new digital initiatives will be over 90% cloud-native.

We know how to make the most of the cloud

Client Onboarding

Seventy-four percent of customer claim, that a convoluted onboarding process would make them consider purchasing elsewhere. We design and deliver smooth CX onboarding processes for our customers using innovative technologies and our proven products to maximize conversion, customer satisfaction, and shorten time-to-onboard.


Fulfilling the regulatory requirements is paramount while failure may result in substantial penalties. We assist our clients through technology to construct solutions to minimize the risk while keeping the customer processes easy-to-use combining our expertise in technology with a deep understanding of the regulatory expectations.


By 2023, more than 60% of EU member states are expected to triple their digital services for customers. We are the principal technological partner for BankID Czech Republic and can successfully ensure both business and technical integration of such 3rd party services into your environment.

Identity Management

Are you interested in Identity management? These are the organizational and technical processes for first registering and authorizing access rights in the configuration phase, and then in the operation phase for identifying, authenticating, and controlling individuals or groups of people to access applications, systems, or networks based on previously authorized access rights.

Electronic Signatures

Digitizing approvals and documents signature, regardless of industry, across all distribution and communication channels, improves customer satisfaction and saves time and costs. We have extensive experience and a track record of delivering solutions and advisory for biometric, digital, and PKI/certificate signatures, including assurance of eIDAS 2 compliance and legal strength of the target solution.

Unified Signing Platform

Multiple customer touchpoints usually result in separate, and incompatible signature modules, typically in online and brick-and-mortar channels. We offer a fit-for-purpose custom aggregation of authentication and signature methods according to your choice in SaaS mode, with end customers fully controlling which suitable methods suit them best.

Our products


ZenID offers the widest range of solutions for automated client identification, automatic extraction and processing of personal data, document authentication, and face verification. ZenID can verify a wide range of personal documents and detect fraud attempts more reliably than a human.


BAAPI is a banking API aggregation platform. It builds on 27 years of experience with integration as TRASK’s core competence. Today, BAAPI aggregates data for 10 clients and is part of business-critical processes and automated processing. Thanks to a combination of easy implementation, data standardization, and cloud-native architecture, implementations of PSD2, BankID or Transaction Analytics solutions can be ready within 2 months. We serve the Czech and Slovak market and continue developing solutions for other APIs, including mortgages.


Trask uSign is a module that enables paperless biometric signing of documents using a PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Once signed, the documents are available anytime and anywhere. By integrating with other systems, our solution automates the preparation of documents for signing as well as their final storage in the required locations.

Trask Virtual Case

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Trask Signing Platform

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