Application Integration

Integration is the enabler of digitalization and agility. It is in high demand across and between companies.

Companies today often need their data to be constantly in motion to ensure quality service and smooth running of their online applications. That is why event-driven integration is on the rise.

Integration is now expected to be visible, measurable, easily adaptable, understandable, secure, simple, reliable, and reusable.

Important elements are also agile integration and containerization, which can be achieved through self-service elements with customizable permissions for individual teams, distributed deployment, or a micro gateway that adapts to the application lifecycle.

We understand integration more than most and are on top of trends.

Trends adopted

01 Integration Microservices and ESB

We introduce an integration layer and develop integration services and microservices in both classic and containerized environments.

Microservices built on Apache Camel, WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, IBM App Connect Enterprise, and Metada technologies

Container support - RedHat OpenShift, Kubernetes, Azure Kubernetes Services

Performance, availability, and less vulnerability to errors

02 API management

We deliver API Management and API GW and introduce corresponding development processes. We open companies to the world and help them to use available APIs.

WSO2 API Manager, Kong GW

Micro gateway deployment and hybrid integration

Secure way to expose APIs outside the company

Excellent complement to the ESB backbone, where it simplifies many common tasks

Complete Trask PSD2 controller solution

03 Event stream

We build Confluent and Apache Kafka clusters including the entire ecosystem. We consult the architecture of event streams and provide training and methodology.

Apache Kafka, Confluent Kafka

Schema registries, Kafka Connect, KSQL

Event-driven integration and design patterns

Event Mining

Streaming integration

04 Analytics and logging

We build analytics for reporting, central logging, operational supervision, and business monitoring. We implement central logging including log transfer.

OpenSearch, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, FileBeat, FluentBit, FluentD), Azure analytics

Business and regulatory reporting (PSD2)

The interconnection of event systems and analytics platforms

Central logging


05 Distributed storage grid

We build shared storage with persistence and solve the fundamental integration problems of context preservation in asynchronous communication, token cache, and API Management, or by implementing random(direct) data access over Kafka.

Redis, Apache Hazelcast, Apache Ignite

Running in high availability across on-premise container clusters

Performance tuning of GW APIs and reduced vulnerability to bugs

Support for event stream integration

06 API Economy and Open Banking

We help you with creating value and generating new revenue from digital ecosystems through Open APIs. We build new solutions, expose APIs, connect to new partners, and aggregate data sources. We help you monetize your assets and get your services into new business moments for your customers.

Our perception of integration

Our approach to integration encompasses all current approaches and technologies:

API management (API gateway, Developer portal, analytics), event streams (Kafka, streaming integration), hybrid integration (on-premise and cloud), ESB, messaging, and batch integration.

Integration is no longer the property of one department, but instead is an element of concern across and between companies. Integration is expected to be easily adaptable and understandable, secure, simple, reliable, and reusable.

Other important elements are supported for agile integration and containerization. This is achieved by among other things, self-service elements with adjustable permissions to individual teams, distributed deployment, and micro gateway adapting to the application lifecycle.

Integration solutions

For most of our clients we are a long-term strategic partner in the field of integration


We have been a partner of ČSOB in the field of system integration for 20 years. We help with the development of the entire integration from an architectural and technical point of view. We came up with new inspiring topics such as event streaming, central logging, and API Management to modernize and further improve this competence.


We were the first to deliver API Management to a Czech bank that was also the first bank in the Czech Republic to start to use it. We used a modern integration platform based on WSO2 technologies and subsequently delivered a complete PSD2 solution. Then we added central logging on the ELK platform. More recently, we have been delivering enterprise integration primarily involving event stream integration platforms for the new digital channels program.


We built an integration based on ESB and microservices. Trask provides experts in the form of team leasing to cover the complete integration lifecycle (architecture, analysis, technical design, development, testing, and deployment). We recently created a business-critical project utilizing the event stream – on the platform Kafka and delivered Kong APIM.

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Česká spořitelna has been cooperating with Trask in the area of application integration for more than 25 years. Technologies have changed over time, but the support and expertise of the integration team remain. I would particularly highlight the unique expertise in IBM integration products and the constant innovation in the field of application integration.

Jiří Charousek
CTO, Česká spořitelna, 2021

We have been coming up with solutions for integration problems for more than 25 years

Enterprise integration

We can provide end-to-end delivery of enterprise integration from architecture and technology design, implementation of the actual integrations, testing, and operations support. In addition, we design and implement integration methodology and rules. One of the important elements is the organization and coordination of all integration delivery. We contribute to the future design of our client’s IT architecture. Our choice of integration technologies reflects the specific use and needs of the client.

Integration strategies, agile transformation

Our goal is to help you grasp application integration. We will prepare an integration study in which we will map the integration needs and design the appropriate architecture based on modern agile integration approaches, APIs, microservices, or event streaming. We will advise on how to set up the integration delivery lifecycle, methodology, and governance. We will guide you through the agile integration transformation.

Event stream

Since 2018, we ensure the construction of a functional event stream considering all the specifics that this approach brings. We have been dealing with the issue of event streams for some time, from log processing to actual business use. Thanks to this, we have developed a rational view of the event stream, which we also offer to our customers. We build our delivery on the proven Confluent and Apache Kafka products.

Cloud and hybrid integration

We advise and implement on-premise and cloud but also cloud and cloud integration. We will propose solutions to inbound and outbound traffic issues, security, and integration with identity providers. We will implement distributed API Management. We will build a containerized runtime environment on-premise and in the cloud (Kubernetes, OpenShift, AKS).

API Management (APIM)

We advise on the API Management (APIM) strategy and microservices architecture, including the integration of APIM into existing SOA integrations. We provide complete delivery of the APIM platform, a running container environment for microservices, and subsequent development and support up to 7x24 mode. We can reflect the current requirements placed on APIM and take full advantage of the functionality - an example is a full PSD2 implementation.

Take over the development and support of existing integration platforms

We have an amazing staff full of expertise and experience in taking over existing integration platforms including further development and providing support up to 24 x 7 with fast response times. We design and implement the migration to new integration solutions and managed the shutdown of non-compliant solutions.

Integration team leasing

The form of team leasing can cover the entire integration delivery lifecycle with one cohesive team (analysis, development, and testing). Our specialists can complement the internal client team and respond flexibly to the changing demand for integration services. We can quickly adapt to our clients' methodologies and processes and, where appropriate, share our extensive experience and know-how to further streamline internal processes.

Integration Platform - ESB

Thanks to our platform independence, we can advise on the most suitable solution. We provide complete delivery of the integration platform and subsequent development and support up to 7x24 mode. We apply development and operational automation - DevOps. We have the most certified experts in Central Europe on the IBM App Connect Enterprise and MQ platforms. In addition to IBM technologies, we also deliver on WSO2 Enterprise Integrator or JBoss Fuse.

Analytics and central logging

We deliver solutions for central logging, collection, processing, and evaluation of large amounts of data. These solutions are usually built on the OpenSearch or ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) platform. A big issue is not only the structure, storage, and indexing of data but also the stream processing (extraction for SIEM, auditing, etc.).

We are the trendsetter with the biggest integration team in central Europe. We have delivered dozens of complete integration platforms, connected hundreds of applications, and created tens of thousands of integration services and APIs.

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