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Prioritizing customer experience is key to your success. Outperform your competitors with our exceptional UX and customer satisfaction solutions.

Unleash growth potential with custom digital product development. Our team will partner with you to create a digital product that aligns with your business's core values and goals, positioning it for success in the market. We'll help you identify new opportunities for growth and focus on delivering exceptional value to your customers.

Streamline existing products and boost onboarding and retention. We'll help you optimize your current products and shift to a customer-first approach in product design and service. This will improve the onboarding experience for new clients and increase retention of your current ones.

Stay ahead of the curve with ongoing product improvement. Maintaining a current and appealing product is essential in today's market. We'll help you implement processes for continuous improvement, ensuring that your product stays ahead of trends and meets the evolving needs of your target audience.

According to Gartner, only 14% of customers report taking action after a digital interaction with a company. To truly differentiate your business, focus on your digital experiences.

Cloud-based solutions allow organizations to scale, maintain flexibility, and focus their efforts on business operations.


For Komerční banka, we built an application concept for an internal use to facilitate the bank’s process of staff roles and user rights assignment and their overall administration. We designed the system according to the client’s brand guidelines and prepared a complete UI kit for the development unit.


For Nedbank Private Wealth we designed an online environment to administer the clients’ private wealth, including investments, deposits, and real property. We enabled digital communication between the clients and their bankers while maintaining confidentiality, a personal approach, and above-standard care.


We helped ČEZ Prodej to transfer the offline process of switching of electricity rates into an online web-based environment. We created a self-service system that reduces the load on the branch network.

I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of your workmanship, professionalism and integrity. I found the entire process of working with the team to be what it should be - enjoyable and exciting.

Heidie Ziervogel
Head of Digital Solutions, Nedbank Private Wealth

Within customer satisfaction & UX we usually focus on the following areas

Identifying growth opportunities

We specialize in identifying and analyzing customer journeys to uncover opportunities for improvement and growth. Through in-depth user research and design sprints, we determine how to optimize your products and services to best meet the needs of your customers. Then we work with you to implement the necessary changes and drive growth for your business.

Experience Design and Optimization

We improve the overall user experience of your products and services. We begin with a comprehensive UX/UI audit to identify areas for improvement and user testing to validate potential solutions. We then use prototyping to test potential solutions and validate their effectiveness. Our team of experts in UX/UI design, interaction design, copywriting, and visual design then work together to create a cohesive and effective user experience.

We take a holistic approach, considering every aspect of the user's interaction with your product, from the language used, to the visual design, to the functionality, and testing it with real users to ensure it meets their needs and preferences. This approach creates a cohesive and user-friendly experience that is tailored to your target audience.

Product Activation and Scaling

We help businesses launch and grow their products in a fast-changing market. We begin with understanding your business needs, goals and also your competitors. We then develop a comprehensive UX strategy and a product scaling plan to ensure that your product not only meets the needs of your customers, but also differentiates you from your competition.

Our team of experts will work with you to activate and scale your product to reach its full potential, taking into account the employee experience and omnichannel approach.

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