Driving the automotive industry

Our mobility depends on software more and more. It should give you speed, not slow you down.

The car that we know today has become a much more complex software system and car companies are also becoming more and more software-oriented.

More and more money in the auto industry will come from monetizing value-added services such as software-enabled features, infotainment services for ongoing payments, etc.

The future topics are remote car software updates, sophisticated interconnectivity, automated driving, and so on.

We continuously innovate cars, customer services, and manufacturing.

Mobility is not just about cars

IT has long permeated manufacturing, traffic management, highway construction and the entire transport ecosystem.

Take a look at the new Digital Showroom

The project is based on the visualization of the complete model range of ŠKODA AUTO vehicles and the presentation of vehicle functionalities through integration with a range of backend services. This enables the dealer to present cars to customers in a completely digital and innovative way.

Case study

Our projects are changing the trajectory of progress


We brought artificial intelligence into the Group's logistics, for example increasing the capacity of material distribution within factories by 40%. We also migrated mainframe-based applications to the cloud to save money on operations and mitigate operational risks.  At the same time, we launched the Power Platform, which enables development by non-developers but is securely managed by the Group's IT department.


We are a key partner for the company for digitalization in many areas (digital B2B touchpoints, connectivity, production, etc.), as well as a reliable partner for operational processes (competence centers for cloud services and Microsoft 365, key application management, etc.).

Where you can rely on us

Industry 4.0

We digitize production and quality processes and agendas - from production management to data collection, visualization, and analysis (including AI applications). This improves flexibility and quality in production and delivers high-quality, up-to-date, and accurate data for management and decision-making.

Digital touchpoints

We are building a sophisticated ecosystem of websites. For example, we can integrate a state-of-the-art car configurator into B2B systems. We ensure smooth collaboration between car manufacturers and dealers.

Business and data

We bring new sources of profit through 1to1 real-time personalization and great customer experience. We're straightening processes, improving performance, and creating new data-driven services.

Connected cars

We enable the development of elements for the production and operation of cars interconnected with the environment and with other systems. Our frontend and backend solutions contribute to the emergence of connected journeys and integration with legal regulations.

Production and process control

We digitize processes in production. We distribute production manuals and documentation in a paperless way and implement systems to control efficiency in production processes. For these purposes, we digitize processes in production and manufacturing to make them not only simple but effective.

Application Integration

We implement integration middleware including API management. We optimize data transfer and unify identities across different systems.

Skills development and training

We emphasize business-oriented training that supports and enables business change and transformation. We use experiential learning to enhance knowledge acquisition.


10 years of experience with the cloud transformation process. Strong, multiple technology expert teams covering end-to-end cloud transformation.

IT operations

We deliver reliable, scalable, and cost-effective IT operations. We can perform monitoring, maintenance, and technology upgrades. We provide multi-cloud operations and Dev Ops.

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