Faster and more secure money transfers – that is what customers demand. With evolving regulatory frameworks and modern technology enablers, banks and payment service providers must transform their infrastructure and automate processes to optimize the operational costs.

Immediate payments in domestic and European context are becoming a “new normal”. Modern payment architecture must be then inevitably built on ISO20022 and Instant payment processing.

Banks are modernizing their payment landscape with legacy systems and functional overlaps to address customer expectations on 24/7 payment execution and upcoming regulatory requirements, optimizing running cost at the same time.

Sharing the payment infrastructure in the same way as sharing the ATM network and building the Shared Payments Service Centers will enable financial institutions to access the best-in-class payment services and consequently achieve significant cost reductions.

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Our Payment experts with 20+ years of experience, supported by Trask's strong technical competencies and modern technologies, provide the end-to-end delivery of complex transformation projects.

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ISO20022 migration

Trask partnered with a tier 1 European banking group to steer a significant transformation project with a team of subject matter experts. With our experience, we have successfully executed the transition roadmap within the heterogeneous ICT landscape of each subsidiary while collaborating with dispersed development teams across Europe. The project was successfully completed in March 2023 in line with ECB and SWIFT time plans and their qualitative requirements.

EURO adoption in Croatia

Knowledge base for EURO adoption in Bulgaria

Trask is performing project management, business analysis, test coordination, and managing the GO LIVE runbook within a large-scale project with a strict regulatory deadline. The support was provided primarily on remote setup drawing on exquisite organization and communication skills gained in many previous international projects. The experience will be reused in Bulgaria, undergoing the same transformation before 2025.

E-commerce solutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Takeover the maintenance and evolution of the platform

A flexible, easily configurable, and secure solution for online payments over the internet using debit and credit cards (e-commerce). Certified by VISA and MasterCard, used by many online shops in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The process incorporates 3D secure according to PSD2 SCA requirements covering the majority of the e-commerce transactions in both countries.

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Our consultants help your organization shape your payments strategy, optimize your IT landscape, perform any audit, and prepare your innovation roadmap. Their experience with various European and US banks gives you the advantage for your own business.

Project governance

Complexity is when you deal with a complicated topic within a banking group, many departments, stakeholders, and technologies with a strict deadline and budget to respect. That is the daily work of Trask project managers, who can steer your initiatives on your behalf.​

End-to-end custom delivery

We are implementing new tailored solutions following the latest business and technological trends. From the partnership with Trask, you get reliable end-to-end service maximizing efficiency within the whole delivery lifecycle.​

Production support

We provide maintenance and support of mission critical systems. The era of instant payments requires real-time monitoring, immediate IT intervention in case of identified issues, and a high-availability setup to keep the services up and running 24/7/365.

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