What happens in cyberspace, may affect the whole company. How to prepare for the ever-changing vectors of cyberattacks?

Ethical hacking tests your resilience even before the real attack. Today, we need to continuously measure the level of application security as well as the level of security from the external and public networks and verify user readiness.

Risk assessment is a necessity. Knowing and controlling the risks that threaten your assets should be a part of a comprehensive and functional cybersecurity solution.

Keep up with social engineering methods because it only takes one unaware worker and a fraudulent phone call to get you into trouble.

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Our successful projects

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We analyzed and documented the current state of IT security and came up with a security design that defines a security development plan in three-time horizons - short, medium, and long-term goals. We also proposed several "quick wins" that will significantly improve security in a very short time. This model is based on ISO standards, EBA, and the Cybersecurity Act.


Our team of security experts takes care of complex issues related to the security of the bank's IT infrastructure. We provide a Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). Other parts of the team cover security architecture, security fundamentals, policies, and processes.


Merging two independent identity management systems into one common solution? No problem! In this challenging project, we designed common processes and implemented a unified solution for two telecommunications companies that had to manage and operate thousands of internal and external users together.


As part of our security consulting services, we assist with day-to-day security and analysis of cybersecurity trends and news.


We established a unified security framework that ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and applications hosted on cloud platforms. It became a baseline for cloud security, which acts as a reference guide for all stakeholders involved in the consumption of cloud services within the organization.


Implementing a Zero-Trust program and underlying Identity Fabric in an environment that was not yet ready for this concept presented a challenge full of technological and process barriers. Our task within the project was to perform a thorough analysis, design and subsequently implement the whole Zero-Trust program.

Trask and its team of IT security experts have been our partner for over 15 years, and I have always been able to rely 100% on their expertise and delivery.

Petr Froňek
Security Manager, ČSOB Stavební spořitelna

There are lots of topics in cyberspace. See where we can help you with security.

Penetration Tests

We know how to perform penetration tests because we are also software developers. We build our penetration testing platform on market standards like OWASP, PTES, MITRE ATT&CK, etc., and on our own deep knowledge of infrastructure and software development.

And what is a penetration test? It’s a method of assessing the security of systems, applications, or infrastructure components. It is performed by testing and simulating possible attacks on the system from both inside and outside. The entire process involves a detailed analysis of the system, focusing on potential security weaknesses resulting from faulty system settings, known or unknown hardware and software flaws, or inadequate functional countermeasures.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management – Do you really know what assets are serving your services? Do you know their security status? Do you track them during their lifecycle? If not, then you should probably do so, because this is the discipline that can help you to prevent a possible security breach. Because we grow up with operations and administration, we know how complex the environment could be. We can show you how to implement vulnerability management and show you how to effectively handle security.

Identity Management

Are you interested in Identity management? These are the organizational and technical processes for first registering and authorizing access rights in the configuration phase, and then in the operation phase for identifying, authenticating, and controlling individuals or groups of people to have access to applications, systems, or networks based on previously authorized access rights.

Privilege Identity Management

Focuses on privileged and shared accounts across the environments used in company systems. Privileged and shared accounts are a risk area in terms of permissions and lack of connection to a specific responsible user. For this reason, ensuring the life cycle of these identities is essential for us and our customers. The impact of misusing these accounts can be fatal.

IT Risk Assessment

Are you interested in how to effectively manage risks and related technological and process measures? Are you dealing with the impact of ISO, EBA, TISAX, and other regulatory requirements? We have a model that can help you with a comprehensive solution to this problem. The model also includes a security concept, the aim of which is to provide a comprehensive plan for the solution and development of the area of cyber security.

Social engineering

This area is used in cyber security to examine mainly the user part. Human interaction, psychological manipulation, and malingering are used to induce a security vulnerability and identify potential information leakage.

We do not reinvent the wheel

We combine IT with deep expertise in Finance, Insurance, Energy, and Automotive.

We are continuously monitoring changing cyber-attack vectors and know where vulnerabilities can be found in companies. Our expertise doesn't just stop at security, in addition to ensuring maximum security of IT systems and company data, we also have the remit to ensure that business runs smoothly and that all employees are comfortable working in an environment whilst being aware of the risks.

Martin Bareš
Security Consultant

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