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Low-code and No-code platforms enable and accelerate the digitalization and automation of any company. Be part of the new era with us.

We have real experience in selecting the right low-code platform, popularizing and adapting it in the organization, establishing governance, mentoring, but also in developing customized solutions.

We help clients design and establish governance for low-code platforms. Governance is a key area for long-term and manageable development control over these platforms without creating Shadow-IT.

We build Centers of Excellence in organizations and help them create a whole new layer of software solution creators – citizen developers.

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According to Gartner, 75% of large enterprises will be using at least four low-code development tools for both IT application development and citizen development initiatives by 2025. Better join the change right now.

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We are contributing to designing a global Governance Power Platform for the entire Volkswagen Group. We provide governance and resource provisioning services for more than 250,000 users on the Power Platform.


We helped popularize the low-code platform organization-wide. We provided adoption, education and built an entire competency center.


Within 3 months, we successfully transferred processes from the K2 platform to Power Automate, trained and mentored internal employees and successfully implemented and modernized all 70 processes together with citizen developers.

Make your company more productive. Low-code platforms are designed to accelerate the development process, making it easier and faster for developers, including those with limited coding experience, to build and deploy applications.

Trask and its team of IT security experts have been our partner for over 15 years, and I have always been able to rely 100% on their expertise and delivery.

Petr Froňek
Security Manager, ČSOB Stavební spořitelna

What we provide for you to achieve your goals

Expert consultings for strategic decisions in low-code areas

Based on the defined objectives and areas, we help to explain the potential benefits of low-code platforms in the organization. Based on our knowledge of the organization's needs, we will help to select a suitable platform and predict its return on investment (ROI). We will prepare a long-term strategy and correctly position low-code platforms into your Enterprise Architecture landscape.


Without governance, low-code becomes an unmanaged platform where both the quality and stability of delivery and the security and consistency of data are at risk. We deliver governance design and successful operational implementation to our clients.

Outsourcing low-code platform operations

We can train the internal team on the client's side and mentor them to full self-sufficiency for the required period of time, or provide you with this entire area as an outsourced service where we guarantee quality and expertise.

Enabling proactive compliance departments

Low-code platforms allow issues identified by an audit to be proactively resolved - the auditors themselves can recommend a rapid and agile solution on a low-code platform. We can work with compliance departments on the methodology and help them to resolve audit issues in quick and efficient way.

Replacing obsolete solutions

Organizations still have obsolete solutions such as Lotus Notes, MS Access or robust agendas in Excel. Rewriting these to low-code platforms is ideal, for example on the Microsoft Power Platform. We will replace your solution in a very short time with the power of custom apps (Power Apps), workflow automation (Power Automate), analytics (Power BI) and intelligent chatbots (Virtual Agents).

We do not reinvent the wheel

We combine IT with deep expertise in Finance, Insurance, Energy, and Automotive.

We are continuously monitoring changing cyber-attack vectors and know where vulnerabilities can be found in companies. Our expertise doesn't just stop at security, in addition to ensuring maximum security of IT systems and company data, we also have the remit to ensure that business runs smoothly and that all employees are comfortable working in an environment whilst being aware of the risks.

Martin Bareš
Security Consultant

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