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There is a difference between working with data and working with data well. What are the most common problems?

Inconsistent master data. Clients are recorded multiple times, under different addresses

Lack of systems that record business significance, technical structures, and data sources.

Poor quality of data and its non-transparent management of access to them.

Any of these pitfalls can cause long-term problems. We are able to solve them before they happen.

IT solutions that help you make better strategic decisions


We have built a data warehouse for more than 17 Linet Group companies. It integrates source systems for extracting different types of information (accounting, business opportunities, budgets) from all the companies in the group. It then prepares data for monthly management reporting, daily operational reporting, and data for Linet Group financial consolidation.

Česká spořitelna

The aim of the project for Česká spořitelna was to reduce the cost and laboriousness of managing the content of the code lists.  For online integration, we created a new unified interface that allows the retrieval of Central Code Lists Management data along with the possibility of filtering, translating, and refining relational records. So there is no longer a need to synchronize data-distributed code lists – everything is done in one place and the responsibility for content shifts to business owners.


Our work for ŠKODA AUTO has resulted in cleansing and standardization of personal data in their systems, enabling the creation of a 'golden record' whilst maintaining the legal basis, the purpose of processing, and consent within an automated process. Our solution enables the creation of registers of data subjects, purposes of processing types of personal data, and more. The system supports automated data extinction processes, notifications, or integration with applications and systems that process personal data.

Such a large-scale integration project is unprecedented in the history of the Group. The complexity is comparable to the data integration of any large corporation. I am pleased to see the result of the joint work of all involved and that the foundations laid in the first phase will continue.

Miroslav Lapour
Chief Information Officer, LINET Group SE

We will help you become a data-driven company

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse is the cornerstone of building a data platform for analyzing your data. All technologies change rapidly and data warehouses must be able to absorb the surrounding changes well. We have experience with different technologies, methodologies, and sector business models. We can build a data warehouse from the ground up, evolve your existing one, or move it from your infrastructure to the cloud.

Data Lake & Big Data

Big Data allows you to use unstructured and voluminous data for analysis. We use Big Data techniques for Data Lakes, where even structured and less voluminous data is available faster and more efficiently than through a data warehouse. We can combine all this together to create the most efficient and flexible data platforms in a hybrid world of on-premise and cloud.

Operational Data Store

Instant availability of data is essential for fast and continuous operational actions, decision-making, and risk management in business. A day or two of old data is simply not enough anymore to offer the right product to the client at the right time. Operational Data Store makes data from different systems available instantly.

Data Reporting & Analysis

We bridge the worlds of data and business and pride ourselves on complementing technical expertise with superior business knowledge. This enables us to recommend not only the right kind of visualization but also the content to be displayed.

Data Quality

We deliver a methodical framework that helps keep data in good shape for the long term. Data quality can also be addressed with a technology platform for data quality management. We can measure and continuously evaluate data quality.

Master Data Management

Our team helps clients identify unique records (e.g. customers) in their databases and link them to relevant data in other systems. For starters, we can measure data quality and perform data profiling. Deduplication and cleansing of the existing database are also part of the optimal solution. We have extensive experience from both the banking world and government.

References Data Management

If your code lists are not uniform, or you are recording the same code lists multiple times with different content when they should be the same, then you are not managing your code lists correctly. We can help you. We have practical experience (for example, we manage the content of more than eight thousand dials for the largest Czech bank) and we will deploy specialized solutions that will improve the quality of your code lists, simplify your work and reduce costs.

Our products

Business Data Dictionary (BDD)

The data dictionary is used to record the content of the data warehouse, its inputs from source systems, and outputs within reporting. BDD shows the structure, content, origin, and ownership of data. It provides a view across the entire structure, greatly simplifies understanding data analysis, allows you to trace potential errors, and assists in change management.

Reference Data Store (RDS)

A tool for managing the content of codebooks across large IT infrastructures and multiple environments simultaneously. RDS validates, quality manages, unifies, stores, and distributes code lists using built-in workflow, ownership concepts, setting time expirations for code lists content, event tracking, and task automation.

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