We have facilitated the adoption of the MS Power Platform at ČSOB, including education on its proper use.

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Like most organizations, ČSOB (KBC Bank) wanted to take advantage of the broad possibilities offered by low-code platforms for comprehensive digitalization. In the first phase, it decided to adopt Microsoft's Power Platform. For its successful launch and operation, however, it was crucial to properly manage the technology in terms of IT governance and to support it with popularization and education within the organization.

How We Proceeded

Initially, there was no team of specialists at ČSOB with sufficient knowledge and experience in this area. Therefore, the company approached Trask, which provided basic mentoring in IT governance and helped identify local needs for its adoption. ČSOB shares its tenant with its parent company KBC, so it was necessary to find the right intersection between the global governance set across the group and the local implementation.

First Solutions in Power Platform within 10 Weeks

After establishing governance, the platform began to be popularized among business users, identifying areas that could be effectively digitalized using this approach. At the same time, mentoring of the newly formed team was underway, providing them with the capacity of our specialists for regular consultations during their training. This involved not only traditional training but also tutoring in solving specific problems and questions.

In the following months, ČSOB implemented and deployed the first production complex applications by the Trask team, and under our leadership, the first internal solutions began to be developed. Education also expanded to other parts of the bank, and in the following weeks, we trained more than 50 bank users in the basics of working with this low-code platform. Thus, a strong and self-sufficient team for the MS Power Platform emerged in the bank, and throughout the organization, there was an awareness of when and how to use low-code.

New Application Creation Opportunities Without the Risk of Shadow IT

Proper IT governance of low-code platforms is a necessary prerequisite for their smooth and efficient operation, which prevents the emergence of shadow IT and possible data leakage. Similarly, education in working with low-code platforms is an integral part of the entire process of their introduction to the company because it reflects the democratization of solution development for everyone in the organization, not just IT specialists. By meeting both of these conditions, ČSOB can now safely and efficiently use the MS Power Platform, which Gartner recognizes as a leader in the field of low-code platforms for digitalizing internal agendas.

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