Trask technical capabilities are unparalleled, says John Weisel

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Over time, our North American Leader John Weisel has refined his view on the global professional services business. He is convinced that Trask is one of the strongest organizations he has encountered in his long career.

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John Weisel, North American Leader at Trask
I fully expect us to grow the business to reach the mid-9 digits in revenues rapidly. The focused markets will be initially financial services, but will expand soon into health services, pharmaceuticals, industrial products, and automotive.

Given your extensive experience in banking, capital markets, and private market sectors, how do you envisage these experiences shaping your role at Trask?

One needs to divide this discussion between the demand for client services and the supply of services. The requirements to effect business change have never been greater. Terms like business and digital transformation are no longer appropriate. Many historical practices of business consulting and technology services organizations will need to change to meet the changing nature of markets and client demand.

This is particularly true in the financial services industry. The primary drivers today are understandably technology, specifically given the increased complexity of technical environments, solutions, data efficacy, and the need for seamless integration of those technologies to produce real business outcomes in less time, with lower risk, and with better economics.

You need professionals with profound functional knowledge and the ability to translate that knowledge into delivering fundamental change. All done to help clients achieve their strategic objectives. I expect there to be significant consolidation in the professional services industry over the next five or so years, and for clients to move towards more selective sourcing of their service providers. The rules of today will not apply uniformly tomorrow.

From your perspective, how well do Trask's business model and product offerings align with the current needs or trends in the North American market?

I have only been with Trask for several months and have been incredibly impressed with its capabilities. The technical expertise and delivery discipline is unparalleled in a business environment requiring world-class business and technology architects and systems engineers. Trask is amongst the strongest in these disciplines that I have seen in my career.

This strength positions Trask to be uniquely qualified to provide not general solutions, but specific bespoke responses to its clients' demands. Trask's mission is to create technical simplicity from complexity and deliver results in a more cost-effective and predictable manner.

Trask is different from the typical organizations that provide technology services to the financial services industry today. Its global client coverage is its primary focus. In addition, we have a great basis out of a delivery center network in key locations across the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, USA, and other locations globally.

What is unique about Trask overall – how are you different from the others? Why should an organization choose Trask?

I would say that is the most frequent question I am asked. Everybody wants to know about Trask: Who are you? What do you do well? Why should we use you?

In my experience, this is entirely to be expected and the inquiries are fair. Through our efforts, the Trask brand will rapidly be recognized in the North American market. The reason to select Trask is our ability to work with clients, often referred to as our "bedside manner," and our relentless focus on delivering tangible results quickly. Finally, we believe today's economic model for services is broken. Provider and client interests are not economically aligned, while Trask’s are. Our approach is different, and it is catching the eye of the market.

With your business and technology transformation expertise, how do you intend to navigate the specifics of the digital landscape in the US and Canada?

Everything is digital, as it is about providing enabling technology to clients. When I am advising clients, I rarely use the term digital other than as a point of reference to define an ecosystem. What truly drives value for clients is the interoperability of technologies, including data, applications, and infrastructure, often defined in a complex multi-component architecture. There will continue to be significant demand for the digitization of business processes, efforts to modernize data, more effective utilization of cloud infrastructure, and the development of effective application machinery.

If you look at trends in the industry, such as the adoption of the metaverse, the use of blockchain technology, and the hourly conversations about the impact of artificial intelligence happening today, history has proven that most of these are often misunderstood. For example, some view the metaverse as exciting, but are not sure how it will evolve. Blockchain technology, while conceptually compelling, is practically extremely difficult to implement. Artificial intelligence, on a limited basis, has been in the financial services industry for several decades through rules-based engines, machine learning, and the like. Artificial intelligence today is a complex term. The business use cases are only now beginning to emerge. That said, it will have a profound impact over the next decade.

Finally, please share your long-term vision for Trask in North America.

We have established a global business plan for Trask. I fully expect Trask to rapidly grow global revenues. However, it is not only about a number - it is about being recognized as a top-tier technology services provider in the markets and solutions we choose to serve. World-class technical capabilities that can be deployed globally is the objective.

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