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Business processes such as notary requests, customer complaints, and medical imaging analysis have historically required human involvement. Today, that paradigm is shifting. With advancements in AI, over 80% of these processes can now be automated with stunning accuracy. This automation not only minimizes errors, but frees up your employees to focus on what counts: client relationships.

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For example, whether a client or an employee needs to make a new product request, adjust loan parameters, or gain new access rights, the traditional approach often involves navigating complex systems and filling out specific forms. Trask’s Digital Backoffice Employee changes that. With our system, you can simply input your request in plain text. AI takes care of the rest.

“The opportunities are endless. As AI models become more sophisticated, we are uncovering opportunities in areas our clients still believe to be exclusively human-centric. With over 28 years of experience in enterprise systems integration, we can tackle even the most complex tasks spanning multiple departments, technologies, and competencies,” says our Head of Intelligent Automation, Jan Kosina, in the latest Trask Talk. See more here.

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