Connectivity in automotive: Improving comfort and protecting lives

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In the automotive industry, connectivity means integrating technology and communication systems into vehicles. The main benefits of connectivity include improved safety, better navigation, better vehicle diagnostics and much more. It also has environmental advantages - for example, connectivity can provide feedback to drivers on fuel-efficient driving habits, which helps to reduce emissions.

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Prevent a serious accident, call for help, or simply turn on the remote-controlled independent heater. All this and more is made possible by the connectivity we help ŠKODA AUTO improve, making life easier for drivers around the world.

[.infobox][.infobox-heading]What does connectivity allow?[.infobox-heading]- Online shop with features
– Online map and navigation
– Proactive service and diagnostics
– Emergency e-Call
– Remote access
– Software updates – Car2X for 5G communication with the environment
– Remote control of selected vehicle features
– Digital assistant
– Wireless connection to your phone[.infobox]

As part of the Connected Car Group program, Trask became a key supplier for ŠKODA AUTO from the outset in 2015. We helped to build several strong area domains at this leading Czech car company, such as the architecture with a strategic overlap taken from VW Group, an indispensable integration team covered by an experienced project management and support from the business departments. All this was transferred to the operations team, which helped prepare the processes in all areas, supported by innovative reporting and monitoring that helped technical support to respond quickly to ŠKODA AUTO’s end customers.

At Trask, we've been building our experience base with digital technologies for several decades, specifically since 1994.  And we are proud to help Czech brands excel in a hyper-connected 5G world.

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