Case study: ČEZ Group RPA mentoring by Trask

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Improving the skills of ČEZ’s internal team

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Mentoring a prerequisite for effective RPA work

Using the UiPath platform, Trask has supplied the ČEZ Group with a centralized robotic process automation (RPA) solution. Ordinarily, RPA has a low-code or no-code interface that allows employees with no programming background to work with it. Quality training is needed, nonetheless, or else there will be RPA teams composed of members with varying degrees of expertise and experience. Most companies handle such a difference in skills among their internal teams through either one-off training or e-learning, but this is no guarantee that the members will be able to put this new knowledge into practice. This often forces staff to work with RPA on a trial-and-error basis.

I appreciate us discussing what I’ve used before but not necessarily to the full potential.

Mentoring participant

It‘s definitely more beneficial than just having something explained theoretically.

Mentoring participant

The training is extensive, yet getting used to the content is no problem.

Mentoring participant

How to avoid unnecessary mistakes?

Traditional training involves a one-off transfer of knowledge that is not followed by guided reinforcement of practical skills and which never leads to building the right habits. Everybody trained as such interprets the information their own way and practices it the same way. This can cause atypical developments, for example, where each team member follows a different coding standard, and mistakes that can only be corrected later with an incredible amount of effort.

So Trask offered ČEZ a combination of long-term training and mentoring for RPA developers, providing internal team members with long-term competence building and an insight into best practices when working with RPA on the UiPath platform.

Building core competences

In the first four weeks, the basics of programming were taught before elementary development in the UiPath environment was introduced over the following 11 weeks. The course included learning how to develop RPA solutions following best practices, independent problem-solving and analysing each participant’s solutions.

Trask is helping ČEZ ICT Services, a. s. and ČEZ, a. s. to build competencies their internal teams would not have gained from e-learning alone, to increase readiness among team members to create quality RPA projects and contribute toward a unified way of working.

Mentoring forced us to take on tasks independently, letting us try everything out in practice and still get feedback on the solution.

Mentoring participant

I liked the personal yet professional and individual approach, evaluating what everybody had done, the procedures, everybody helping each other.

Mentoring participant

We appreciate the instructor’s interest in what the situation is like on our side.

Mentoring participant

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