ČEZ got faster customers authentication, no paperwork is now needed

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As BankID’s main technology partner, Trask helped with digitization of ČEZ Group, one of the largest power utility companies in Europe. With BankID, we simplified online verification of the identity of the company’s clients in record time. No paperwork and process completion time cut by half, all in just six weeks.

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The solution is based on the BAAPI BankID connector, which transformsall data into a simpler common API. The custom-made component containsconnectors to the web and SAP, which makes it possible to compare informationfrom BankID with data from ČEZ’s backend systems.

We also saved costs and validate unupdated data

The client onboarding process, by which we simplified provision ofonline services, is now faster and fully digital. We created a secure anduser-friendly application that saves costs. In addition, we also validated andupdated client data.

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