Case study: Renault Česká republika Comprehensive RPA solutions and delivery of top services

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We also deliver RPA solutions to the Benelux countries

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RPA solution for a competence centre

Renault, an international automotive company with French roots, has a presence in 128 countries and currently employs over 120,000 people globally. In 2019, its Czech subsidiary decided to automate its first processes and Trask supplied its own RPA solution for them. Renault subsidiaries in the Benelux countries also opted to use our services. These moves created the need to deploy a centralized solution that multiple branches could utilize.

High professional level, clear definition of processes, working on the right priorities, meeting deadlines and great added value for our business, this is how I would summarize the result of our cooperation with Trask.

Chris Jansen

IS/IT Director Benelux

From the unexpected to the expected

To achieve greater efficiency and lower costs, automation was migrated to a common infrastructure all Renault companies in the Benelux and Eastern Europe can use today.

Companies in the Benelux previously used attended automation, processes staff had to start manually. Our analysis called for adjustment of most of the processes to run unattended and more efficient use of the “Orchestrator”, while any unused processes were shut down. Renault employees on the job no longer have to watch the robots and wait for them to finish. Instead, staff members are notified when the tasks have been handled and the results appear.

Deploying the UiPath Orchestrator in the Benelux also solved key deficiencies in RPA governance – from central versioning and deployment of the versions for each robot to central logging and scheduling of individual processes. The new solution is easier to manage, allows already developed processes to be reused, and cuts costs for developing and operating new and existing processes.

What did the client gain?

Working with Trask, Renault‘s IT department in the Czech Republic gradually established itself as a competence centre for branches in Slovakia, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. This enabled them to obtain an RPA solution without having to invest in their own development as the IT department in the Czech Republic supplies them with automation as a service, sharing the costs of infrastructure, licenses and operation.

We’d been working with Trask since 2020 when they approached us about automating our company’s processes. What they have since done for us has been absolutely problem-free. Trask always completes their part of the assignments on time and we can rely on what the experts do. I would also underscore their proactive approach to solving problems and potential complications with the processes while they’re running. Together, our own company’s use of RPA services has expanded to other countries.

Richard Hoffmann

IT & CRM / Digital Manager
Renault Czech Republic / Slovakia

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