Success is possible through one avenue, and that is talent, says John Weisel, North American Leader

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John Weisel, a global leader in the professional services industry, says, “You need to be very thoughtful and deliberate on how you approach the process of growth. Each organization needs to understand each market and tailor the adoption and absorption of the changes required to drive profitable growth. Not all markets are the same.” John shares part of his strategy for the expansion of Trask in this interview.

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John Weisel, North American Leader at Trask

Could you share what unique insights and skills you bring to your position as Trask's North American Leader?

I have been in the professional services business for approaching 40 years with several of the largest global management consulting and technology services organizations. These include Ernst and Young, Accenture, and Cognizant. In these capacities, I have worked across all global markets and have built and operated some of the largest professional services businesses.

During this time, I have developed an understanding of the difference between markets, cultures, and the business requirements of both our clients and service practitioners. The professional services industry is going through a significant period of change. Growth in services will remain strong, and we will see additional capital deployed, new entrants, and significant market expansion. Those who fear an economic recession in the near term will be left behind.

Today, the industry is highly fragmented, with a broad range of players. And my primary role at Trask is to lead its expansion globally from its European roots and footprint. The objective is to help it achieve significant double-digit revenue growth over time.

John Weisel, North American Leader at Trask

After your successful tenure at EY and Accenture, what inspired you to join Trask?

Given its prominent position in the market, I have been aware of Trask for several years. Several of my former colleagues are Trask executives. I have become acquainted with its key executives, and they shared my passion for growth, people development, and providing exceptional client service. I was looking for an opportunity to make a difference in an organization with the right strategic intent and desire as one team to be simply the best.

How is North America different from Asia and Europe?

I would say the approach to growing, to creating an organizational culture that embraces global growth, is much more difficult than it appears. The primary drivers are local culture, local business practices, language, and the diverse nature of the requirements of clients, given their state of maturity.

As a result, you need to be very thoughtful and deliberate when seeking growth in a measured and phased process that is consistent with the ability of that market to appreciate and absorb the change. Not all markets are the same. Most Western business leaders have, in general, a standard view of how markets should operate, believing many, in the case of the United States, markets are homogeneous. In fact, they are heterogeneous.  One size does not fit all.

I have found the principal key to success is through one avenue, and that is talent. It is attracting, developing, and retaining the best people who operate with a shared vision and purpose for the business, its people, and its clients. The right talent and its continuous development are the keys to success.

John Weisel, North American Leader at Trask

What are your main objectives as we talk about our expansion into the US and Canadian markets?

Stated simply, the objectives for expanding into the North American markets are threefold. First, we intend to establish a well-recognized brand with strong market awareness in the markets to choose to serve.

Second, we will introduce a highly market-differentiated client service delivery model that aligns Trask and client objectives. An approach that is both flexible and nimble to respond to client demands.

Third, we will create an environment where Trask is recognized as an exceptional workplace to foster personal and professional career development for its people. I have many objectives, and I am just getting started. Everyone should strap into their seat and get ready for growth.

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