Case study: We unified the presentation environment for ŠKODA cars.

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Digital showroom helps dealers home and abroad

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ŠKODA AUTO sought to completely digitize the sales process at its dealerships. The company therefore developed a range of digital tools and platforms that allow dealers to present and configure car models as well as to communicate with customers in a new way. However, it was necessary to connect these tools into one functional and visually unified environment, where the entire customer journey would take place - from the configuration of the car to the signing of the sales contract.

Our approach to the solution

We were responsible for the integration aspect of the project. It was necessary to implement new and existing services and tools, including a new Customer Presentation web application. It was also necessary to integrate the showroom ecosystem with ŠKODA AUTO’s car configurator and backend services, such as the VIN service, Price Service and WLTP service, as well as the data inputs - source systems - and output frontend applications. We also provided the UI/UX solution for the Car Information Stand (a digital kiosk with information about the cars on display in the showroom), including custom programming and redesign of the frontend Device App used for large touchscreens. The result was a new environment called the Digital Showroom.

Digital Showroom Experience (DISE)

DISE is a set of innovative digital tools supporting new buying behaviors. The cornerstone of our solution is the Sales Support Tool (SST) tablet application. The application connects an ecosystem of interactive presentation tools that a dealer can use to demonstrate key features of each model and a range of other features to prospective buyers. The SST with its content also serves as a training tool for new vendors:

Besides the tablet app, the DISE ecosystem includes the following modular touchpoints:  

  • VideoWall - a 4K display for car visualization, where content can be streamed from an iPad using the SST app.
  • Touch table and touch screens - a playful way to provide all information the customer needs, without the dealer’s assistance.
  • Car Information Stand (CIS) - an interactive solution replacing hardcopy information stands for vehicles on display.
  • Electric Vehicle Interactive Stand (EVIS) - an electric charger with a touch screen display that presents themes related to electromobility, including a range and fuel consumption calculator.

Benefits for the client

ŠKODA AUTO has long been making efforts to support dealers in selling cars. In the past, the options were rather limited, with potential buyers often only being able to configure their desired car online and have a drive in a car that was available in the showroom.

The digital showroom now makes it possible to present what was previously impossible, makes the dealers’ job easier and guides prospective buyers through the entire customer journey. The Digital Showroom can also be used to launch new ŠKODA AUTO models and stream video projections to all corners of the world.


The digital showroom delivers on ŠKODA AUTO’s long-term strategy to digitize the sales network across global markets. Our solution allows to significantly streamline the entire sales process, simplifies the work of salespeople, but most importantly, it presents comprehensive information about a car to customers in one place, with the possibility to clarify expectations, complete the configuration and order the car wherever the solution is implemented. DISE is currently available in 65 sites in 25 markets.

Key benefits of the DISE solution for car dealers:

  • There is one central device that can be used to present the specific features of all car models available on the given market.
  • With the app from Trask, the dealer can visualize the entire model range (colors, wheels, interior) and subsequently configure the desired car on the spot.
  • Knowledge Base on an iPad helps dealers add information about new models.
  • With the Customer Presentation app, they can quickly create a customized presentation of the car the customer saw in the showroom and is considering.
  • The SST application is integrated with ŠKODA AUTO’s backend systems, so that the dealer receives real-time information on stock cars and prices of base models.
  • The tablet serves as a remote control for the Video Wall, an authorization authority for logging into the system as well as for application and data updates of the individual DISE tools.

Key benefits of the DISE solution for customers

  • Upon arrival at the dealership, the customer can immediately get acquainted with the complete model range via interactive tools.
  • For instance, the customer can view the selected model in 4K resolution from the outside, choose the paint color and wheel type, or visualize the trim levels in the form of a spherical view of the inside.
  • Upon watching video demonstrations on the tablet, the customer can also select special features (assistance systems, connectivity, and Simply Clever solutions).
  • Customers can also compare the technical specifications of the engine options with competitors on the market or other models in ŠKODA’s portfolio.
  • The customer can choose between an intuitive self-service presentation via touchscreen devices or an assisted presentation from the dealer’s SST.
  • The system will instantly display available stock cars and their parameters in real time for the selected dealer.
  • Being linked with the ŠKODA configurator, the app can also display the price of the selected vehicle configuration.

Main challenges for Trask:

  • Delivery of a full range of renderings of the exterior (36-frame rotation) and spherical view of the interior of all vehicle models for both right-hand drive (EU markets) and left-hand drive (GB market) for the visualization tool.
  • Advanced integration with IAS and ECS services.
  • Frontend development for CIS and Device App.

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  • The digital showroom shortened the process of car purchase and sales contract negotiation by half.


  • The number of ŠKODA dealers from all over the world already using at least one Digital Showroom tool today.

Customer journey

Arrival of the customer → Presentation of the car offering → Visualization of the car → Selection of features → Comparison of technical parameters with competitors → Selection of special accessories in the configurator → Display of similar cars in stock → Sending the customer presentation / final configuration to the customer by e-mail → Completion of the direct order → Physical pick-up of the car

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