Case study: ČEZ Group RPA from analysis to implementation

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Centralized UiPath solution designed for ČEZ

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Common RPA platform for companies in the ČEZ Group

The ČEZ Group includes dozens of companies, some of which are already using robotic process automation (RPA). However, some group members had earlier built their own solutions within the UiPath platform. So ČEZ ICT Services, which provides ICT services throughout the Czech Republic, came up with a centralized solution, to build a common RPA platform for the entire Group. But it had to be designed to meet the needs of the Group’s members and its new safety and operational standards.

Trask won the tender, where ČEZ was looking for a partner to implement RPA PaaS on a UiPath platform for the group. They helped us map the demand for robotic services at ČEZ, moderate discussions, suggest potential RPA usecases and critically assess the metrics that had been set up to evaluate the benefits of automation. Afterwards they designed the shape of the future PaaS service and the solution’s architecture.

Marek Lapák

Digitalization Team Leader and Project Manager at ČEZ ICT Services

How did we proceed?

Trask analyzed and consulted with ČEZ on possible automation solutions and then designed the entire solution, describing the architecture, infrastructure, security features and how it meets customer specifications while working with the departments at ČEZ responsible for these areas. This was followed by Trask’s implementation of the automation platform and documentation from manuals up to safety rules. In the next phase, Trask offered to mentor the RPA developers.

The following was what needed to be addressed:

— Type and number of licences and expectations from them

— How to use RPA, who would be on the team and how many members it would have

— Current state of automation, libraries and functionalities already in use

— Collaboration habits among team members and both repository and source code version expectations

— Defining the scope of services to be provided and how to deliver them (PaaS/SaaS)

Universal solution available to anyone

The centralized solution deployed by Trask cut costs ČEZ Group’s companies would have incurred for automating processes, including licensing. Most of all, centralization has made RPA easier to manage across the Group, reducing demands on the expertise of RPA teams and allowing them to focus more on development. ČEZ ICT Services now has a solution designed and ready for other group members that opt to use RPA in the future.

This cooperation enabled us to compare technical indicators, along with the benefits and disadvantages of each proposed virtualization technology variant, in reaching a suitable solution. Trask was very flexible in finding an alternative solution given the cybersecurity constraints. The biggest challenge was fine-tuning the user and robot end-station settings, which could not have been overcome without their experts providing input and testing them.

Marek Lapák

Digitalization Team Leader and Project Manager at ČEZ ICT Services

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